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  • Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel Tibet
  • Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel Tibet

Tibet Ganggyan Lhasa Hotel, 10 minutes walk to Jokhang Temple and Barkhor streets, is commonly used hotel for foreign travelers. With a stone-throw away distance to downtown center, it enjoys the “prime location”. This hotel has 170 rooms with different room types and categories. So there must be some rooms meeting your budget. The European style rooms exude an elegant aura, while Tibetan style rooms allow the guests to be immersed in an authentic cultural heritage. Rooms on the west wing give full views of Potala Palace in the distance. You will also hear bell rings coming from Jokhang Temple in the south. WiFi is available throughout the hotel. The Tibet Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel is an ideal accommodation for anyone visiting Lhasa.

  • Location: No. 83 Beijing East Road, Lhasa
  • Distance from Gongga Airport: 60km
  • To the railway station: 9.8 kilometers
  • Distance to Potala Palace: 1.7 km
  • Distance from Barkhor Street: 1.1 km
  • Sights: Jokhang Temple, Ramos Temple, Barkhor Street
  • Hotel Chinese Name and Address: 拉萨刚坚饭店, 拉萨市城关区北京东路83号

Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel Highlights

Top Location! The hotel is within walking distance from major Lhasa attractions such as Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Temple and the busy Barkhor Streets. Beautiful decorations! The hotel has rooms in either Tibetan or European style. The luxurious decorated rooms are spacious and clean.
The staff at Lhasa Ganggyan Hotel are friendly and helpful. The in-house restaurant serves many different types of cuisines.
Hotel Check-in time: 10:00 am-10 pm
Hotel Check-out time: 12:00-2:00 pm

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