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Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Suopo Watchtowers - Danba Ancient Block Towers
Suopo Watchtowers – Danba Ancient Block Towers

Welcome to explore Suopo Watchtowers with local insider guide!

Suopo Watchtowers Brief

The watchtowers in Suopo are surrounded by attractive stone shapes. Suopo has a 84 magnificent ancient watchtowers in one place. And it is one of most watchtowers centering in one place. They contain wood and stone materials. From the outside of the watchtowers, there are stone for the strength and stability (to be protect from the attackers and threatens). Meanwhile, from the inside, there are woods material. The watchtowers in Suopo are usually 20metres to 60metres tall.

Propose of the watchtowers was to prevent a local from outsider threatens and attacks. But some of them have different use. For example, some are for storing some valuable items. However,others are for worshipping. The watchtowers sttod through the chaotic past of the natural disasters (include floods and strong wind and earthquakes) and Baptist war. Whereas, they still stay in the same place on the top of the mountains and cliffs. Moreover,the way to construct watchtowers needs subtlety and skills.  The buildings represent the history and culture of Qiang dynasty and Qiang people. You will also see the local families’ houses of the Quiang people.

For more curious tourists, it is also accessible to the watchtowers from the local private house roof all the way up to the top of the watchtower. But it needs permission from them. One of the local companies who give tourists an offer to climb from their roof to the 700-years old tower that has been restructured recently. Now it costs a small fee around CNY 15.



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