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Welcome to explore Tibetan Kham highlight Buddhism monastery-The Katok Monastery (Gompa). Katok Monastery is a famous tourist attraction along the Sichuan-Tibet highway. We highly recommend that you spend several hours here.

Katok Monastery-Highlight Attraction along the Sichuan-Tibet Journey

As one of the 6 great monasteries of the Nyingma Pa tradition of Tibetan religion, Katok Monastery is popular with both domestic and foreign travelers. Nowadays, the monks or living Buddha have spread their knowledge all over the world, including Asia, Europe and North America. Thus, we highly recommend that you stop here and visit this historic site in-depth.

Explore Tibetan Kham Katok Monastery
Explore Tibetan Kham Katok Monastery-Pelyul County

Located on a top of mountain, Katok Monastery is 4200 meters above sea level in Pelyul county. Dating back to the 12th century, this monastery expanded in 1656. However, the original gompa fell into disrepair and rebuilt in 1956. In addition, the monastery had a reputation for fine scholarship and produced some of the greatest scholars in Tibetan history. Besides, there’s a famous mystery festival in Katok, which held on June 10th on the Tibetan Calendar each year.

For travel information, the drive from Pelyul county to Katok monastery takes usually 3 hours. To be more specific, the driving distance is about 70 km and the first 35 km was to drive along Jinsha River. Then, another 25 km around to reach He Po village. The last 20 km may take 1 hour or more to complete. Thus, due to its bad road condition, you may find the trip a little bit tiring. However, we will prepare you the high-quality car and professional local guide! To maximize your Tibet travel experience, don’t hesitate to email us by and tell us about your needs!