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Litang Monastery is also called Ganden Thubchen Choekhorling Monastery. And it means Happy Buddha Dharma in Tibetan which stands for the moral dharma appearing and truth lasts forever. In 1580, the Dalai Lama III founded the temple.

Garze Tibetan Area Tour Litang Monastery
Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Litang Monastery

When Dalai traveled to Litang, he found the mountains here very unique. The mountains in the north looks like the statue of the God of Wealth with hand-holding treasures. In addition , the western mountains are like the wings of a giant eagle. However, The mountains in the east are like a giant elephant bending over. At the foot of the mountains, the Litang River resembles the hovering dragon. These natural wonders have matched with the prophecy of the Indian Master Atisha more than 900 years ago. So he turned the previous Banggen Monastery of the Ben religion into the the Gelug Sect. Furthermore , he changed the name to Ganden Thubchen Choekhorling Monastery.


The monastery is about 500 years old. And it is the largest and oldest Tibetan Buddhism monastery in the Kham Area. The temple has a close relation with the other three big monasteries in Lhasa. In Tibet, locals think Litang monastery ranks just behind the big three monasteries in Lhasa. Because the Dalai Lama VII and the Dalai Lama X were both born in Litang. It brought Litang lots of religion influence. Other than that, Dalai Lama VII once taught in Litang Monastery. The temple got huge reputation because of him. During that time, it was a popular pilgrimage place for monks and habitants in that area.

The Han, Manchu and Mongolian officials in Litang made the local culture very diverse. Later on, the Xianggen Living Buddha stayed in monastery for some time. He was the highest living Buddha of Kham area. Thus it made the monastery more influential.