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Welcoem to explore the Lotus Sea of Kham area!

Brief Intro – Lotus Sea

Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Lotus Sea Kangding
Garze Kham Tibetan Area Kangding Day Tour – Lotus Sea

Lotus Sea is a popular attraction of Pusharong Town in Kangding. Because this spot has plenty of living lotus. That is how it gets the name. Besides, people also call it Hehe Sea. The area covers an area of 33 hectares with fresh lake water from the mountain.

The place is surrounded with snow mountains ,stone forest and virgin forests.The surrounding snow peaks look very holy under the sunlight. In addition, there are many wild animals such as yellow sheep and blue sheep living in the lush forests. Meanwhile, many precious natural herbs like Chinese caterpillar fungus, Fritillaria, snow lotus ect grow on the mountainside. During the blooming season, the various flowers with fragrance along with the lotus paint the area red, yellow, cyan and green against the blue sky.


Get in

The road to the spot is bit hard, especially in winter due to the snow. Tourists can take a coach or mini-bus on Kang-jiu Road to get down to the Shangde county. However, it is still a 60km journey ahead to the Pusharong County. The bus can take you to the ranch of the county. From there, travelers can rent a horse to the Lotus Sea. Except visiting the place, people can also camp beside the Lotus Sea. And the camping site is 3 or 5 kilometers away.