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Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Milk Sea 2
Milk Sea in Garze Kham – Ancient Glacial Lake

Milk sea is an ancient glacial lake with surrounding snow-capped mountains. Local people call the place, Haizi. It has an altitude of over 4,800 meters above sea level. And the lake is like a droplet of water on the wild mountain. Besides, the azure sky, pure blue sky, together with the elegant lake makes the view really breath-taking.

The lake lays peacefully in the basin. The clear blue water is from the melting water of the surrounding snow mountains. At the edge of the lake, there is a white groove. That is how the lake gets its name. However, the shore around it is black.

Many ancient plants used to grow in the lake. Now the lake floor is full of sediments of the plants. Visitors can also see light green color in the lake. Coming to see the lake, travelers will pass through lots of stunning view on the way as well.


There is a legend about the Milk Sea. It was said long ago a fairy from Mount Everest came to see the amazing view here. When she saw Haizi, she was so surprised and excited. So she cast a spell on the lake and the lake changed into five-color instantly.

The legend also told people that Haizi is a holy lake. Thus it can miraculously heal any disease.