Yunnan Hiking Travel to Mingyong Glacier
Mingyong Glacier – The longest and largest Glacier on Meili Snow Mountain

Welcome to explore Mingyong Glacier of Tibet Kham region with Explore China Tibet travel service! Minyong glacier is one of the four glaciers on the Meili Snow Mountain. And it is the longest and largest among them. However, it is the second longest glacier after Hailuogou Glacier on Gongga Mountain of the Hengduan Mountain. The length of the glacier is around 11.7 kilometers stretching from the Meli mountain to the virgin forests. Because of the global warming and over developed tourism, the glacier is reducing at an annual rate of 5-6 meters.

There is plenty of snow and ice on the south slope of the main peak. In addition, a huge land made of ice and snow is on the southeast of the peak. When summer comes, the ice and snow melts into a seasonal lake of 50 -meters-diameter long. The lake is dark blue.

The best spot to enjoy the glacier is Taizimiao. The entrance is around 8 kilometers away. Tourists can choose to hike up there or ride a horse. Moreover, it is easier to rent a horse at the entrance. Not only can you see the magnificent glacier, but also view the grand Mount Kawakarpo.

Yunnan Hiking Travel to Mingyong GlacierHow to get to Mingyong Glacier

Mingyong glacier is in the Mingyong village, about 50 kilometers away from Deqin county. Besides, passengers can also choose to go to the glacier from the Fei-Lai-Sai.

By bus from Deqin
Departure time:7:am and 15:pm
Frequency: twice a day
Fare: CNY15(single way)

By rental car from Deqin
Fare: CNY 200-300

By rental car from Fei-Lai-Sai
Fare: CNY 150-200