Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Danba Muoluo Village in KhamWelcome to explore Moluo Village of Tibet Kham region with local guide! Moluo village (莫洛村)is a Tibetan village in the valley of Danba County in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It has an altitude of 1,900 meters to 2,000 meters. The unique geographical location provides the village with rich natural resources. Besides, the primitive scenery there is breath-taking. Except to experience the simple farmers’ life, it is also worth visiting the Tibetan architecture. Because most of the habitants in the village are Tibetans. They are very friendly and hospitable. Surprisingly , the village still keeps the tradition of walking marriage. If tourists choose to stay there for a couple of days, they will definitely know more about the mysterious Tibetan culture.

Moluo Village Customs

In the past, women were predominant in the family. The children follows the maternal families. There is a wedding custom in the village. In the evening, the men go to the women’s house covered by cloth. And the men sing songs to the girls-concentrated room on the watchtower to pay court to them till the midnight. When the girls are tired, they are going to sleep beside the fireplace. During that time, the boys are coming to pick the girls they like. If the girl likes the guy, she will allow her to sleep beside her. With the agreement of both sides, the men and women can spend the night in the girl’s house. However, the guy has to leave before the morning comes.

How to get to Moluo Village

Travelers should first take a bus from Chengdu to Danba. From there, visitors can find another bus to the village.

Moluo Village Travel Tips

  • 1. It is better to choose the accommodations of Danba county. Because there are many hostels and hotels available.
  • 2. Photography lovers should not miss this spot since it is a paradise for photographers.
  • 3. If you come during fruits season, you can taste various local fruits such as pomegranate and cherry, etc.