Mosika is a small village hidden deep in the the Qiong Lai mountains of Aba prefecture of Western Sichuan. The village lies in the cradle of the sloping valley at an elevation of 3,900 meters. And it includes an upper village and a lower village. Both of them are ethnically Tibetan. Besides, there are many well-kept monasteries bustling around this area. The villagers here can testify that the temples have not changed a little for four hundred years.

Breif Intro

With the local guide’s help , tourists might have the opportunity to visit the intimate community of stoic Buddhists. When visiting the village , travelers may have the feeling of going back to old time. Because the alleys were old and narrow decorated with stone and timber. Moreover, the smell of the wood smoke makes travelers nostalgic.

However, villagers here are really curious about foreigners. They may stick out from the hazy windows to have a look. Most of the people have the sunburnt faces along with wind scar. The tiny place are really quiet. Sometimes it gives people a sense of mystery.
To experience the local culture, tourists can choose homestay. They can taste the local food like yak dumplings and deer antler infused liquor.