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Garze Tibetan Area Tour Daocheng Mount Echu Trekking
Mount Echu – The Ideal Place for Camping

Mount Echu means sparkling mountain in Tibetan. It is nestled in the north of Yading area, about 25 kilometers from Shangrila Township. The mountain is 5,146 meters high above sea level. And it stands tall, straight and yet handsome like a fairy in the clouds.

The deepest gorge in northern mountain is up to 1,200 meters. Meanwhile, it supports the small ,flat and beautiful village. Moreover, the southern side features the high mountain, gorge and Dongyi River. The mountain range here is soft and gentle with vast forests as well as layers of shrubs. The Lamugelin zone is the biggest forest area with dominating spruce, sequoia and oak alpaca.

In autumn, the mountain is tinted with the bright red, lucid yellow and delicate green colors. It is most fascinating to visit it during that season.

Mount Echu – Travel InformationGarze Tibetan Area Tour Daocheng Mount Echu Trekking


There are two roads from Shangrila to Zhiren village. However, the left road is to Yading while the right road is to Mount Echu. The way to Echu mountain is narrow and twisted. It is very common to see the landslide during rainy season. People who have never drived through Sichuan-Tibetan line should pay more attention.


1. Mount Echu summit is the ideal place for camping in Yading. It is ok to bring your own tents. The lawn on the mountain top is beautiful and has a wide horizon. Furthermore, travelers should bring more clothes and some water.

2. Mount Echu is the production place of Matsutake. There are many people picking Matsutake in July and August. Tourists should not pick that since it only belongs to the villagers. If locals catch you picking it, it may bring you trouble. But to pick Hericium is ok.