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Garze Tibetan Area Tour Luding Moxi Town Catholic Church
Catholic Church in Moxi Town, Luding Garze Tibetan Area 

Welcome to explore Moxi Town!

Moxi Town Brief Info

Moxi Town is a small town of Luding county in western Sichuan of China. The altitude of Moxi is around 1,600 meters. The town is the essential pass to the Hailugou Glacier Forest Park and Mount Gongga. According to the 2000 census , there were 6,794 residents living there. And they mainly are Han Chinese, Yi and Tibetan ethnic minorities.

The town was also the place where the Battle of Luding Bridge took place in 1935. In addition, chairman Mao and his army stayed one night in Moxi when marching towards north.Garze Tibetan Area Tour Luding Moxi Town

Even though there are not so many stuff to buy in the village, still some hotels, restaurants and souvenirs stores can be found. Moreover, tourists can see a small Catholic church built in the 1920s with a colorful bell tower. Furthermore, travelers can see the pastoral view. It is definitely a good escape form the hustle and bustle of city life.

Get in

Tourists can get on the minivan from Luding to get there. And the whole journey is around 2 hours.


Many people come to Moxi due to the nearby Hailuogou glacier. The park is in Moxi. But it is 30 kilometers out of town. To see the glacier, visitors need to pay CNY 85 entrance fee. Except that, it is necessary to buy a round bus ticket of CNY 60 to and from the glacier. Since it is far, tourists should not better walk. If travelers want to do cycling, it will take a whole day.