Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Mugecuo Lake
Travel to Garze Kham Tibetan Region – Mugecuo Scenic Area

Mugecuo Scenic Area is in northern Kangding county of western Sichuan province in China. The whole area covers around 74,132 acres (300 square kilometers). And it includes various lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, lush woods, fragrant flowers, unique peaks, and different-shaped rocks. The scenery is picturesque all the year around attracting thousands of tourists every year.

To tour around the area, it is better to take the sight-seeing bus. Visitors can hop on and off freely at any stop.


Garze Kham Tibetan Area Travel Mugecuo Lake in Kangding
Mugecuo Lake in Kangding, also called Wild Man Lake

1.Mugecuo Lake

The lake is a huge plateau lake at the altitude of 12,140 feet (3,700 meters). It is also called Wild Man Lake. The size is around 741 acres (three square kilometers). Moreover, the deepest point of the lake is over 230 feet (70 meters). There are pines, cedars, and rhododendron trees on the lakes’ three sides. Besides, the lake also borders vast Tagong Grassland on the other side. Due to the good ecosystem there, the lake gets frequent wild animals visitors such as goats, ducks, deer and grouse.

2. Rhododendron Valley

Over 68 kinds of rhododendrons grow in the valley. When the flowering season comes, namely April to July , the valley becomes a sea of flowers.

3. Yaochi Feiquan

Yaochi Feiquan is the onsen of medical effects. The hot spring includes lots of healthy elements to body. Especially, it can ease eye diseases, gastrosia, and rheumatism ect. The onsen is devided into Stomach Nursing, Eyesight Improving Spring and Foot Massage Onsen.
4. Seven-color Lake
The lake is about 49 acres (20 hectares) big. And the color of it varies differently due weather condition.

5. Mount Camel Hump

Legend had it that long ago the camel of deity passed by this place. The camel liked the Seven-lake so much. Thus he bent his head to drink the water with humps upstanding. The humps changed into the Mount Camel Hump.

6. Lotus Hill

Beside the Seven-color Sea, there is a snow-covered hill. Because it is like the Goddess of Mercy’s seat. That is why the hill gets its name.

7. Fragrant Grassland

The last attraction of the area is Fragrant Grassland. It is decorated with flowers. There are hills around it. Surely, it is a nice place to ride a horse.