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Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Muya Golden Pagoda
Enjoy Scenery of Yala Snow Mountain From Muya Golden Pagoda

Muya Golden Pagoda is also called Yazheng Pagoda. It lies at the foot of Yala Mountain in Kangding of western Sichuan province in China. The pagoda was for commemorating the tenth Panchan Lama. And the builder is Doric Tashi living Buddha. The pagoda is in the center with surrounding eight mountains such as Yala God Mountain, Xiagudongqing Mountain, Wenshu Mountain, Guanyin Mountain ect .

Muya Golden Pagoda – Brief Intro

The pagoda is an altar-style Buddhist temple with gold posts. Moreover, it includes three floors. The first floor is Xianzong palace. It serves the Buddha Sakyamuni, Avalokitesvara, Manjusri and other eight Bodhisattvas and 18 arhats. However, the second floor is Mizong palace. It is for the master of Padmasambhava and the Tantra inheritance of the Master. In addition , the last floor is Buddha statue tower. And it includes Tripitaka, five kinds of relics and volts collections and so on. The three floors stand for the Buddha, Dharma, monk Sambo and large, small, dense three times.

On the roof of the pagoda, there are gold deer, Ngau Tau and Garuda ect. Except that, there are 470 prayer wheels in the prayer corridor. Around the golden tower there are 4 pavilion-style pagodas. Inside each pagoda contains 100000 small stupa.