Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Nanwu Monastery
Travel to Nanwu Temple to Explore Tibetan Buddhism in Kham

Nanwu Temple is one of the most influential and active monasteries in the Tibet Kham region. It is under the Gelugpa sect(yellow hat) of Tibetan Buddhism. The temple is in southern Kangding. Previously, it was also called “Nam Mu Temple”. It means fairy temple. Legend has it that the temple existed since Song Dynasty. It was a white temple for the original Department of Tibetan Buddhism. Together with the adjacent Jingang temple, they win the praise of “Double Cloud Temples”.

Nanwu Temple – ConstructionGanzi Tibetan Area Tour Nanwu Monastery

Nanwu Temple occupies 2,524 square meters while the architecture zone is about 3851 square meters. The style of the temple is a stone structure courtyard. The main palace has three stories with one base around 20 meters high. Inside the palace, it is very magnificent. Moreover, the two sides are side palaces.

Except that, lots of various Tibetan murals hang inside. They look very grand with strong religious atmosphere. Besides, the monastery is also one of the sites for mountain rotation (the Buddhist event) on the 8th of April. The monastery cultivated many famous monks such as 14 Khenpo ect.

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To go to the Nanwu Temple, tourists can fly to Kangding first. Then take the bus no.1 or no.2. Besides, using the taxi is also a good option.