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Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Palpung Monastery
The Best Monastery in Kham Tibet

Welcome to explore the Palpung Monastery!

The Palpung Monastery is located in 300 meters north of Derge County surrounded by woods in the east Tibet Kham of Sichuan province. It has an elevation of 3,800 meters. And it is a key cultural relics protection unit.

Additionally, the place is also the mother monastery of the Tibetan Buddhism Kagyu in Kham. Together with the Lhasa Supu monastery, these two are the major home to Kagyu faction.

The temple was founded in Kham by Badeng Xiangqiu , the disciple of Bajin Dengsong during the Year of Pig in Tibetan calendar((AD 1290). However, in the yearGanzi Tibetan Area Tour Palpung Monastery of AD 1727, the Sakya official Oro burned Zhigong Temple, which was called “Zhigong Disorder”. And Palpung monastery as well as its branch were both destroyed. After the restoration, the school was after Sakya.

Palpung Monastery has lots of subsidiaries. It claims there are 108 in total. They mainly are in Tibet, Yunnan, Qinghai and Kham. Except that, people can also find it in foreign countries such as India, Bhutan and Nepal.

Palpung Monastery – Architecture Highlights

The monastery is very large with quiet environment. And the building traverses along with the layers of the mountain. Meanwhile, the banner waves and the golden top appears magnificent. It is visible in ten miles. In addition , the palace is very grand; the clay and mural are vivid and detailed. Thus it has won the praise of the best monastery in Tibet Kham. People even compare it to the Potala Palace of Lahsa. The monastery is a small Potala Palace. The temple combines the best of both worlds from the Gelugpa and Kagyu architectural style. Henceforward, the building is splendid and mysterious.