Kham Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Pelyul Monastery
Travel to Kham Region to Explore “Auspicious Land” – Pelyul Monastery

Welcome to explore the Pelyul Monastery with local insider guide!

Pelyul Monastery is in northern Peyul county of Sichuan province in China. The name in Tibetan means“auspicious land”. It is one of the three largest Ningma school temples in the Kham region (the other two are Ganlong Temple in Baiyu County and Zhuqing Temple in Dege County). The temple is also one of the five temples supported by Dege toast. Its golden dome is built according to the appearance of the altar in the religion.

The master Genrong Xierao built the temple during the emperor Kangxi’s tenure in Qing dynasty. Moreover, 12 living Buddha already ran the monastery. Because the landscape around the temple appears lucky. The temple has also got the name after it which means lucky temple.

The tourism resources are very rich in the Peyul scenic area. Not only it is famous in China but also abroad. It is the production place of Gesar weapons. Furthermore, the area also contains patriarchal culture living fossil, rocks. The world-renowned 840-year old Katok monastery of Red Sect in the Kham region also stands there. Except that, visitors can also visit the national nature reserve area – white-lipped deer nature reserve.

Kham Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Pelyul MonasteryTravel Info

  • Location: Baiyu Mountain, southwest of Baiyu County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province,China
  • Opening hour: Full day
  • Entrance fee: Free

Get in Pelyul Monastery

  • Air: Travelers can fly to Kangding from Chengdu, then take a bus.
  • Bus:Three routes connect Peyul county.