Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour - Que’er Mountain
Que’er Mountain Climbing Tour in Garze of Sichua Province

Que’er mountain is within Garze of Sichuan province in China. The Mountain erects in the southeastern margin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Hengduan Mountains in the north. It is north of Jushaluli Mountain and west of Mount Damala. In the north, the Yalong River tributary, Yulong River passes it. Meanwhile , Jinsha River tributary, Xi River and Maisu River flows through it.

The main peak of the mountain is 6,168 meters high with the geographical coordinates of 99 ° 4E and 31 ° 47’N. It lies in the southern section of Que’er mountain in Dege County. There are dozens of snow mountains with the elevation of more than 5,500 meters. Among them, Rong’e Zha mount is the most famous attraction. Furthermore, it is the fortress of Kham region traffic.

Que’er Mountain Mountaineering Guide

Due to the lack of transportation, there are only a few teams that choose to climb Que’er Mountain. Even so, according to the reserve managers, about 20 or so troops have come to climb the mountain in the past five years. But most of them only climb to about 5,500 meters. Furthermore, it is said that there are many cracks in the route, as well as places for rock and ice climbing.