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Garze Tibetan Area Trip in Swallow-Gully Red Rock Beach (Red Stone Bay)
Travel to Yanzigou Valley to See Rusty Red Rocks in Red Rock Beach

The Red Rock Beach is in Nanguangou of Yanzigou Valley. At Nanmenguan, the altitude is just 2,500 meters. And there is a large area of red rocks. It is very rare to see so many red rocks lying on the beach. No matter how big the rocks are, they are all bright rusty red. While under the sunshine, the red stones along with the stream look really amazing. If it rains , the color of the red stones will be more brighter.

Red Rock Beach – Reasons of Formation

1. Mount Gongga is between Hengduan Mountain range. There are many mountains. In addition, it is located at the junction of the basin and plateau. When the warm flow meets glaciers, it is easy to make the rain happen. The precipitation of Hailuogou every year is 2,000 mm. Moreover, the unique humid environment is the essential condition for orange algae.

2. Gongga Mountain has a number of glaciers, all over the Hailuogou, Yanzigou and other regions, rich in manganese and other mineral elements. Thus the melted glaciers turn into milky white. It is commonly known as glacier milk. That is how the orange algae gets the enough nutrition.

3. The temperature of the spring near the source of the Gongga River is as high as 92 degrees Celsius. When the spring flows down the stones, it conducts heat. That is why the red rocks still keep warm under the snow and glaciers. It is also the reason why orange algae, glaciers and snow coexist.