Rubuchaka is a place with many geothermal hot springs are located in local family’s houses. Hot spring is one kind of geothermal heated groundwater to heal or relax. Furthermore, it is one of most natural wonders. Local families’ houses that have onesen in Rubuchaka Onsen have old rooms. But the owners take care of the onsen very well. They thoroughly cleane them after every visitor. Meanwhile, definitely they replace the water with fresh one. Every visitor check the temperature of water by themselves. Therefore we advise you to pay attention very carefully while having spring water because the water could have a very high temperature.

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To reach the Rubuchaka Hot Spring  is around 4.5 km away from Daocheng city. There is one option going there by walk. Or another option is to arrange the taxi going there or to rent a private car. Public transports on that area are not reachable. If you go by walk, on the way you will see many families who will are willing to offer you a bath tub locating in small rooms. And they are all the same amount of fee (20 RMB per person) for using it.

Visitors are highly recommended to take a warm bath in Rebuchaka, especially if you are planning to travel to Daocheng city or if you are visiting Rebuchaka Onsen during the cold season.