The Seven-color Sea belongs to Mugecuo scenic area. It lies in Hengduan Mountains at the northern foot. The attraction belongs to the snow mountain range. The Mugecuo scenic area occupies 35 km in length and 10 km in width. The total area is 350 square kilometers big with an elevation of 3,200 to 3,700 meters.

Garze Tibetan Area Kangding Day Tour Seven-Color Sea
Garze Tibetan Area Kangding Day Tour – Seven-Color Sea

Inside the scenic zone, there are many colorful and beautiful natural wonders full of mythical folklore. Except the rich folk customs ,it also features the hot springs beneficial to human body. The spot is a concentration of grassland, snow mountain , lakes and waterfalls and so forth. In addition, there are strange-shaped stones, Azalea Hill, virgin vegetation and wild lives. The place combines tour, entertainment,rest, convalescence, fitness, summer and science expedition. It is really an ideal place.

Seven Color Sea Attraction features

1. Seven-color Sea

It is the first attraction within the Mugecuo. The lake is crescent-shaped like a colorful lens embedded in the forest and lawn. Furthermore, the jungle birds are singing and dancing in the bush. Even though the lake is quiet, it still does not lack the “visitors” from the surrounding area such as birds and fish.

2. Cold spring and hot spring

Seven-color sea is the symbiosis lake of cold spring and hot spring. Near the stone of the lake side, the spring eye flows hot water without stop. The air is hot with mist. And the temperature is as high as 67 ℃. It is really a good place for bath and therapy.

3. Camel Mountain

Opposite the Seven-sea color sea is the Mount Camel. Legend has it that long ago a god of camel lost his way in the desert. When he passed the Seven-color sea, he was deeply amazed at the scene. So he bent himself to drink the water. And the camel humps became the mountain.