Yunnan Sumtseling Monastery Exploration Tour
Yunnan Sumtseling Monastery Exploration Tour

Welcome to explore Sumtseling Monastery with local insider guide!

Sumtseling Monastery is 3,380 meters above sea level. The monastery has a Five-Story Tibetan Tower that has a main hall and could host over the 1,600 pilgrims who would like to practice or chant. The statue of the 5th and the 7th Dailai Lama are in the main hall. The monastery area had been hosted by more than 2,000 monks. At the moment they have 700 monks who are studying and living there. During the 10 years of Cultural Revolution there were some damaged relics in that area.However, they reconstructed it. To enter the temple will cost you 115.00 RMB per person.

Get to the Sumtseling Monastery

Yunnan Sumtseling Monastery Exploration Tour
Shangri-la Sumtseling Monastery Exploration Tour

Monastery is in north of Shangri La city and it is 4 km away from city downtown. One of the option to go there is by public transport (If you take a bus take a line 3 and get off at the Song-Zan-Li station) or taxi (it will cost you around 10.00 RMB).

Sumtseling Monastery Festivals

Sumtseling has two festivals. Each festival is different.

You can also have the great opportunity to attend Horse Racing Festival that take place once a year. This very interesting cultural festival starts from 5Th day of the 5th month (Chinese Lunar Calendar) and lasts for 3 days. Besides, the festival also consists of horse trading, dancing and singing.

Ge-dong festival is a religious orientation program mostly focusing on worshiping and chanting, it also includes dancing with the mask. The festival starts in the last week of every year exactly on 29th of December (Tibetan Calendar) and takes 3-4 days.