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Garze Kham Tibetan Area Trip Tagong Monastery
Tagong Monastery – Famous Attraction in Tibet Kham Region

Welcome to explore Tagong Monastery with local insider guide in the Tibet Kham region!

Tagong Monastery – Brief Intro

There are two dominant temples in Tagong Monastery. And one is Tagong Lamasery which is based in Tagong city centre. However, another one is Lhagang Monastery approximately 10 minutes away by walk from the north of the Tagong city center. Lhagang Monastery is famous for Muya Golden Pagoda. Because it has 100kg marvelous golden roof on the top of the monastery’s towers.

During the Qing Dynasty (from 1644 to 1911), the monastery was constructed for the reason to celebrate the royal visit of Chinese Princess Wencheng from her journey to Lhasa to get married with Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo. Tagong Monastery has an important sacred statue Jowo Sakyamuni Buddha at Jokhang Temple. Meanwhile, Lhasa also Sakya Buddhist sect. Moreover,many cultural antiquities inside the monastery are old more than 10,000 years. In the Tagong Monastery there is 3-days Buddha event takes place every year at the end of June.

Main Sights at Tagong Monastery

Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Tagong Monastery
Little Monks Playing in Tagong Monastery, Kangding

1. Daxiong Main Hall

The main hall is the place where the monks of the entire temple study the Buddhist scriptures. Many murals are well-kept around the main hall, which is a precious Buddhist relic.

2. Sakyamuni Temple

This place has the Shakya Muni plastic Buddha statue during the year of Princess Wencheng. Moreover, there are also footprints left by king Pathampasha of Yuan Dynasty as well as a one-meter tall Avalokitesvara Icon.

3. Guanyin Temple

The temple has the highest possession of thousand-hand and thousand-eye of Kwun Yum bronze statue, built in 1997.

4. Tower of Achievement

It is recorded that the great accomplisher Hongqinga used his power to build it.

5. Lotus Temple

The temple enshrines Lotus Master, Master Rinpoche, Manjusri three and so on.