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Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Daocheng Three Sacred Mountains - Chenresig (Xiannairi)
Three Sacred Mountains in Yading Nature reserve – Xiannairi

Three Sacred Mountains – Brief Intro

Yading National Reserve is one of the  most sacred place in western Sichuan Province. And it has been visited by many pilgrims for the religious inspiration. The place is famous for  three important sacred mountains. The highest sacred mountain Yangmaiyong has an elevation of 6,032 meters. Meanwhile, another two mountains Xianuoduoji and Xiannairi are 5,958 meters tall.

Those sacred mountains are whole year covered by snow.The shapes of those mountains and their landscapes fascinate many pilgrims and also tourists. However, their shapes and appearance show many different roles. The highest mountain has the appearance of Buddha statue. It sits in Lotus position. Andanother one Xianuoduoji mountain looks like young boy full of energy. Moreover, the Yangmaiyong Mountain resembles as a gracious young women. There are also other 30 mountains surrounded by those three sacred mountains with the various sizes, shapes that are also attractions of the Yading National Reserve.

Main Attractions

Yangmaiyong Mountain, Xiannuoduoji Mountain, Xiannairi Mountain

Get in

The bus starting from Chengdu Xiannanmen bus station goes directly to Daocheng and costs you around 260 RMB.

There are some important notes for everyone who is planning to visit the mountains. Firstly you have to bring winter clothes because the weather could be unpredictable. In addition, a kind reminder that t0urist should not visit Yading National Reserve during the summer holidays or neither on the Golden week.