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Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Kham WuxuhaiWelcome to explore Wuxuhai, the fairyland in southwest Sichuan of China !

Wu Xuhai Scenic Area is located in the northern part of Jiulong County, Sichuan Province. The area covers 400 square kilometers. Inside the area, you can see the overlapping mountains, ravines as well as southwest-toward snow-capped mountain. The annual temperature there is 4.9 ℃. Meanwhile, the lowest altitude of the mountain is 1,440 meters while the highest one is 6010 meters.

In the past few years, there have been 40 developed tourism spots. At here, it is a concentration of mountains, canyon, stone forest, virgin forest, grassland, wild animals ect. However, the main attractions inside are snow mountain peaks, Buddha peak, the elderly peak, twelve sisters peak and so on. The beautiful Wuxuhai is quiet and magical. Amazingly, it still maintains the original ecology.

Basic Facts

The elevation of Wuxu lake is 3,760 meters. The lake is as long as 1,200 meters and as wide as 600 meters. Moreover, the depth of the lake is about 33 meters. The lake water is from ice and snow melt water plus groundwater. The lake flows into the Wuxu valley from southeast and remits to Jiulong River. In the south and north of Wuxuhai, there stand two comb-shaped mountains. They look majestic and spectacular. In the west, there is the Languze Snow Mountain.