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Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Daocheng Kham Xiongdeng Monastery
Xiongdeng Monastery, one of the best known monasteries in Daocheng

Of the 13 monasteries in Daocheng, Xiongdeng Monastery and Gonggaling Monastery are the best known ones. Grandly constructed, Gonggaling Monastery possesses a bronze statue of Maitrey. Xiongdeng Monastery was built in the Ming Dynast. Furthermore, it keeps 100,000 books of Buddhist scarptures.

Xiongdeng Monastery has several hundreds of Buddha figures consecrated. They are in different sizes. One of them is the sandal wood figure of Sakyamuni.

The Tibetan people in china are of the same forefathers. However, the non-group live separately with mountains and rivers. All the Tibetan people do not share the same language, costumes or customs. With the strong religious atmosphere, Daocheng bears some unique and abstruse cultural flavours.

Moreover, locals call it the Yangdeng Monastery as well. It sits towards the southeast side of Mount Haizi behind Lengba village.

Xiongdeng Monastery Religious Activities

The monastery focuses on Buddhist activities throughout the year for 93 days. With one month in the Tibetan calendar, the ordination will be running for 7 days. In the Tibetan calendar in February the monks read the “root benevolence” for 6 days. In addition, there are also some small Buddhist activities in rural areas.  The temples, lamas and Zabba hold the events together with the believers. Or sometimes the village monks will also do it alone.