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Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Zhonglu Tibetan Village
Discoever Tibetan Dwellings in Kham Region

Welcome to explore Zhonglu Tibetan Village in the Kham Region with local inside guide!

Zhonglu is a Tibetan village and it belongs to Danba County, Garze Tibetan Autunomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. In Zhonglu Tibetan Village there  live 3,600 Tibetans. You can explore 4 sacred mountains; one of those most sacred and popular mountains is Mountain Moerduo.

The Village has an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level. Village Zhonglu has Chinese name ‘’Zhong Lu’’ or in English ‘’Central Road’’ but in Tibetan it means worship place together of human and God. Zhonglu Tibetan village has many attractions such as historic watchtowers and many local houses of Tibetan residents. Beside this you can explore ancient opera. You will also see astonishing beauty, scenic view over the white Tibetan houses and beautiful golden dome roofs of Temples. During the village tour you can explore Gyarons Tibetan culture and see their colorful traditional customs. You will also have chance to try special ‘’hot butter tea’’ (specific for this area) and high-quality wine or taste heavenly steamed buns and much more.Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Zhonglu Tibetan Village

The best season to explore Zhonglu Village is from March to May. If you decide to visit during the best season you will be able to see many growing apples trees and pear trees and large barley fields. Village is also good attraction place for photographers. The admission fee for entering to the Zhonglu Tibetan Village is around 20 RMB for the whole day. If you want to see watchtowers you will need to pay extra fee around 2 to 10 RMB.

How to go to Zhonglu Tibetan Village

Best option is to take a bus going to Danba from bus station Chadianzi in Chengdu. This bus goes two times, one is at 06:30 am and next one is at 09:30 am. Whole journey is 9 to 10 hours and will cost you 105 RMB. Once you arrive to Danba you need to take a small bus (with 7-seats) that goes direct to Zhonglu Tibetan Village. Bus ticket will cost you around 8 to 10 RMB. You can also decide for another option going by walk to the village. From Danba to Zhonglu village is around 2 hours hiking.