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Welcome to book Tibetan Kham tours via Local China Guide Travel Service (Chengdu branch)! Kangba Tibetan area is located in the mountains and rivers of the Hengduan Mountains (that is, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture (part)), Muli Tibetan Autonomous County, Changdu City in Tibet, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan, and Naqu East Three County (for example, Baqing, Suoxian), Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai and other regions). There are classics in Tibetan areas: “Weizang” in the legal area, “Amdo” in the horse area, and “Kangba” in the human area.

Kham Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Pelyul Monastery
Kham Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Pelyul Monastery

Kham(Kangba) is also known as Kang District or Kangba District. It is an outstanding place with beautiful mountains and rivers. The snowy ridges of the steep mountains, the rushing rapids of the river, the clear blue plateau lakes, the green grasslands full of cattle and sheep; the tough and rugged Kangba man, the graceful Tibetan girl, and the colorful ethnic Tibetan customs are all indispensable. The person is refreshing, open-minded and fascinated. Due to the special exotic Tibetan culture and unique geographical environment, ethnic festivals in Kangba Tibetan area are rich and colorful. From winter to spring, from midsummer to golden autumn, the Tibetan New Year, ghee festival, Zhuanshan meeting, jockey club, Yangle Festival, Golden Horse Festival, Wangguo Festival, and Autumn Festival are filled with auspicious and joyful festivals. Read further about Tibet Tours.

Kham Natural Wildness – Local China Guide

Kham Tibet straddles three provinces and one autonomous region in modern day PRC: Sichuan, Qinghai, Yunnan, and the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). Therefore, the area of Kham is very geographically diverse, containing large mountain ranges and vast grasslands.To be more specific, four major rivers and six mountain ranges combine to make the scenery of Kham breathtaking.Read further about Kham attractions guide!

Local China Guide Travel Service
Travel with Local China Guide

The people of Kham Tibet, known as the Khambas (or Khampas) live up to their reputation for bravery and horsemanship when they compete in summer “horse racing” festivals. Meanwhile, they are also famous for their tough spirit of enduring a beautiful yet sometimes harsh environment, especially in the winter months. Furthermore, even people in different areas of Kham have different dialects. So, they are also pleased to embrace the culture diversity and welcome foreign visitors.

Entering Kham Tibet from Chengdu, Sichuan – Local China Guide

The journey starts from the Sichuan basin and proceeds to the breath-taking heights of the Tibetan plateau. With extreme natural environment and thin air, everything changes. For example, round and flat Chinese faces of starters are replaced by the long and sharp-featured ones typical of Tibetans. Besides, replacing modernity, temples and traditional homes dot the landscape and are often home to welcoming and friendly hosts. Along the journey, the landscape has surprising variance: tight narrow valleys with lush vegetation and steep ascents marked by countless switchbacks carry you to the vastness of the Tibetan plateau.

Kham Explore China Tibet Highlighted travel Destinatination Map
Local China Guide Travel Service – Kham Tibet

Transportation-Ways of getting to Kham-Garze-Sichuan Region Authentic Tibetan Khampa travel service

The Chinese cities of Chengdu, Xining, and Kunming are the main gateway cities to Kham Tibet. You can choose to enjoy the modern city views in one of those three cities, and then head towards the wonderland of Kham. In fact, there’re many access for travelers to get into Kham. Public buses are more comfortable than most people think these days, and if you are traveling in a group it very economical to hire a private vehicle. Besides, your guesthouse or hotel should be able to assist with arranging your ground transport depending on your needs. Airports are also conveniently located in Kangding, Shangri-La, Daocheng, Yushu, and Chamdo.

Our Tibetan Kham tour highlights

  •  We provide environmentally sustainable travel services in Kham Tibet.
  •  We arrange authentic Tibetan tours tailored to suit your individual needs.
  •  Experienced Local China Guides in Sichuan Province (mostly Kham area) and 24/7 On-the-ground supports.
  •  Expert Team with Deep Destination Knowledge.
  •  A wide range of Private Tours from one-day to multiple days.
  •  Hiking & Trekking & River Rafting and other Adventurous Outdoor activities.

Above all, our tailored authentic Kham travel products differentiate us from anyone else and this makes us apart from any others. With the COVID19 ongoing spread around the world, local China Guides service team do recommend you to travel to Tibet and other parts of China no earlier than August, 2020. If you plan a tour of China in the near or distant future, please feel free to email to

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