Welcome to explore Anjue Temple! One of the biggest Buddhism Temples in Kham, Sichuan. Along the journey in Kham, we highly recommend that you take some time to slow down and visit this holy place. As a matter of fact, you can admire Tibetan culture as well as Tibetan Buddhism. Come and have a quick look at its basic travel information down below!

Place for Awe of Heart – Anjue Temple

Anjue Temple-Anjue Monastery Kham Tibet-Sichuan Garze
Anjue Temple Kham Tibet-Sichuan Garze

As a famous temple of Yellow sect religion, Anjue Temple stands in the western side of General Bridge in Kangding city, Kham of Tibet. Historically, it built in the late eighteenth century of Qing dynasty. Besides, it was constructed during the pilgrimage of the first Dalai Lama Lausanne Jiacuo.

Anjue Temple has a former name – “Bird’s Nest”. “An” refers to five, and “Jue” indicates worship. Basically, these two words together mean “Worship of Five Monks” in Tibetan.
Temple has stone walls surrounded by a wooden structure of the courtyard buildings, including the main hall of the Tsongkhapa. Besides, there’re two partial halls (Maitreya & Dharma) and more than 20 Seng rooms. Particularly, the main hall is larger, majestic, magnificent with many holy statues. For example, the bronze Maitreya Buddha statue is 2 meters high with a fairly calm expression. In fact, each hall has its own characteristics where craft is very superb.

Therefore, Anjue Temple is such a good place to admire Tibetan culture, especially Tibetan Buddhism. We suggest that tourists take 1 or 2 hours to explore this temple full of respect. Read further about our Tibet travel agency.