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Welcome to explore the oldest temple in Daocheng, Sichuan. We Explore China Tibet offer foreign travelers a wide range of highlight tours in Kham area. Bangpu Temple is one attraction we highly recommended. Come and have a quick look at its travel guide down below.

Discover the Oldest Temple in Daocheng – Bangpu Temple

Dating back over 900 years of history, Bangpu Temple is the oldest temple in Daocheng. Around 30 km from Daocheng county, Bangpu is 3940 meters above the sea level. Besides, it is a branch of Tibetan Buddhism called White Teaching. Historically, the spread of white teachings mainly base on “Oral Belief”, which is dictated to the disciples.

Garze Tibetan Area Tour Daocheng Kham Bangpu Temple
The Oldest Temple in Daocehng – Bangpu Temple

In addition, Lamas in the temple are warm hospitality. When monks practice, it is at least to go through three years three months and three days. During these days, monks can’t meet with outsiders, relatives can only meet once a year and must talk by partition walls.

Interestingly, there’s a myth. On the rock walls on back of the mountain, there are many ancient petro glyphs and caves. Among them, there is an ancient text that is Buddhist Guru Karmapa Metropolitan Song Qinba written with his own nosebleed. However, no one can decipher its meaning for thousands of years. Until years ago, people found out the meaning: “I traveled to Kham region; here is the most beautiful place”.

Therefore, we hope you can enjoy every minute in Kham. Most importantly, don’t miss this popular attraction. Should you have any requirements of accommodation, please email us!