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Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Danba Beauty Valley Tour
Danba Beauty Valley Tour in Garze Kham Tibetan Area

Along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, travelers will encounter various attractions and stunning views. Danba Beauty Valley is one of the highlighted spots. We Explore China Tibet are here to offer you great opportunities to engage in the discovery journey. Not only can you explore Kham in-depth, but also receive comfortable service from our considerate tour arrangements.

Admire Natural Beauty in Danba – Beauty Valley

About 350 kilometers west of Chengdu, Danba is a beautiful town in the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan province. Tibetan villages in Danba County are culturally rich places and are  the most striking ethnic Chinese villages. The title “Beauty Valley” giving to Danba because of its beautiful Tibetan women. To be more specific, Tibetan women in the villages of Danba County have gained the reputation of being attractive and graceful. Their stunning beauty thus gives the valley its name – Beauty Valley.  So, if you’re looking to embrace the difference of Peoples, come and join us in this dynamic tour in Beauty Valley.

Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Beauty Valley Danba Exploration Tour
Beauty Contest in Danba County 

According to a myth, a phoenix that flew to Mo’erduo Mountain (Holy Mountain) transformed into thousands of pretty women, which is why women are high of beauty in the area. Ever three years, there’s a beauty contest in the county to select the prettiest girl. If you find it interesting, book earlier with us and we’ll try to arrange it for you in advance.

Add this “Danba Beauty Valley” to enhance your Sichuan-Tibetan travel experience! As is known to all, talking to local people and joining local festival are one of the best ways to learn about local customers. Last, should you have any questions, please email us!