Along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, travelers will encounter various attractions and stunning views. Chonggu Temple is a must-see scenic spot for foreign travelers. Welcome to book with us and explore this wonderful palce!

Start the Adventurous Journey along Sichuan-Tibet Highway – Chonggu Temple

Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Daocheng Chonggu Temple
Must-see Scenic Spot along Sichuan-Tibet Highway – Chonggu Temple

Chong Gu Temple, stands 3880 meters high above the sea level, is located at the foot of Xiannairi Peak (with an altitude of 6032 meters), the highest peak of the three sacred peaks in Daocheng County.

There’s no historical data today to imply its building time. Besides, the monastery has been severely damaged, leaving only a ruined neighborhood. A two-tier house is near the old temple, and a Lama will manage the occupancy of past tourists. However, now it’s hard to stay in due to the scenic regulation. Normally, we suggest you spend several hours wandering around and taking photos here.

For your information, Chong Gu Temple occupies the best geographic location in Yading Natural Reserve. In addition, Chong Gu Temple is the gateway to three holy mountains – Xiannairi, Yangmai Yong, Xianuoduoji. Standing in the front of the temple, visitors can enjoy an exaggerated blue sky on the top of the head, a yellow-green-interphase meadow underfoot, never melted snow mountains in the distance and a tranquil valley in the back.

Especially, it is a perfect spot to watch sunset, which are spectacular and breathtaking. Moreover, the Chong Gu Meadow is a must-see spot to the Holy Water Gate, also known as the heaven for photographers. Therefore, visitors will feast their eyes with countless natural wonders. Also, you’ll soak up in the awe Buddhism cultural atmosphere.

Above all, once you step into the sacred land in Kham, you will embrace all kinds of natural beauty and cultural gift. Chong Gu Temple is one of the most splendid views along the journey. Sometimes, it’s good to slow down and appreciate the wonder of Kham.