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Welcome to Western Sichuan Plateau! We Explore China Tibet is a comprehensive travel platform which aims to offer authentic Chinese tours for overseas travellers! Along the Sichuan-Tibet highway, we recommend a few stops, while Danba Dangling is on the top of our list. Check out the travel information down below.

Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Danba Dangling Scenic Spot- Hulu Lake
Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Danba Dangling Scenic Spot- Hulu Lake

Explore the Pure Land in Western Sichuan Highland

Located around 400 kilometers from Chengdu, Danba Dangling is an undeveloped Tibetan village in Garze Autonomous Prefecture. Since it’s not that touristy, travelers who want to get the most authentic Tibetan experience will find it a good place to go. Besides, the best travel time is the end of October, where visitors can enjoy the stunning view of golden leaves and yellow meadow in autumn. Also, spring is a wonderful season to reach Danba Dangling when Kelsang flowers bloom all over the mountains.

Danba Dangling – Virgin Place in Danba, Kham

There are more than 30 alpine lakes with smoke and ice, among them the more famous ones are Ganhai, Huluhai and Dahaizi. In addition, Gourd sea is the most accessible one with more value of visiting, while Da Zi is the most difficult to reach. To be honest, the natural beauty in Danba Dangling is breathtaking. Due to its undeveloped infrastructure, it remains to be the virgin scenic area in Danba without any destruction or commercialization. Basically, we suggest that you go further in Dangling during daytime with our local professional guide. In terms of accommodation, you don’t have to worry about it because we will carefully arrange it for you.

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