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Garze Kham Tibetan Area Travel to Dege Parkhang Sutra-Printing House

Travelling is not about seeing something gorgeous and taking a snap of it. Travelling is to go visit your dream place with eyes and mind opened. Along the journey to Tibet, we’ve selected one valuable spot for foreign travelers to admire Tibetan culture – Dege Parkhang Sutra-Printing House.

Dege Parkhang Sutra-Printing House – Bright Pearl of Tibetan Culture

Dege Parkhang Sutra-Printing House (Derge Bakong Scripture Pringing Press and Monastery)
“Encyclopedia of Tibetan Culture” – Dege Parkhang Sutra-Printing House 

Founded in 1729, Dege Parkhang Sutra-Printing House maintains over 320,000 sutras plates, covering 70% of Tibet’s literary heritage. Thus, it’s famous as the “Encyclopedia of Tibetan culture”.  With a total area of about 5,000 square meters, it’s in Dege county. For your information, Dege County in Sichuan Province is one of the three major cultural centers. (Lhasa in Tibet, Labrang in Gansu and Dege in Sichuan Province)

Furthermore, the collection of Tibetan culture books is the most extensive and the most complete in the world. If you’re interested in Tibetan culture, you’ won’t wanna miss this scenic spot. To be more specific, with a long history of 270 years, this monastery stores more than 830 kinds of books, 29 million pieces of woodblock printing plates. Moreover, the vast volumes of these books have great academic value for the study of Tibetan history, culture, religion, medicine, etc.

We highly recommend that you take Dege Parkhang Sutra-Printing House into account when travelling in Kham. It’s a must-see spot which can definitely enhance your travel experience along the journey to Tibet. For more information, please email us! We hope you can enjoy every minute in Kham, Sichuan.