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Dukezong Ancient City Shangri-la Exploration Trip
Travel to Dukezong – Moon Castle in Shangri-la

Welcome to this ancient city in Shangri-La – Dukezong! If you come to Shangri-La, we Explore China Tibet highly recommend that you go visit this beautiful city. With our professional guide, you may explore Dynamic Yunnan and western Sichuan more deeply.

Dukezong – Moon Castle in Shangri-La

Dukezong Ancient City Shangri-la Exploration TripDukezong, means Moon Castle that is built on rock in Tibetan. It is the biggest Tibetan village in Shangri-La which holds many natural and cultural wonders. Dating back to Tang Dynasty, this ancient city has a colorful history of over 1,300 years. Besides, it is indeed the “real” part of Shangri-La City as what local people think. For your information, there are two parts of Shangri-La, the old and the modern. Basically, Dukezong remains to be the old part and maintains all the traditional features.

The layout of the ancient city is like Eight petal lotus flowers, and its center is Moonlight Square. Generally, you may spend a few hours wandering around the Dukezong, exploring its unique feature and culture. As a matter of fact, unlike the water-based graceful style of Lijiang, or the romantic characteristics of Dali, Dukezong is rather mysterious and peaceful. Uneven stone roads, wooden house, ethnic costumes, unique dialect, all these elements will bring you a fantastic travel experience in Yunnan highland. Meanwhile, we hope this place can leave you an impressive memory in this enormous landscape.

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