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Gaezr Tibetan Area Tour Derge Dzongsar Monastery
The Original Holy Place for Buddhism – Derge Dzongsar Monastery

It’s time to uncover the mysterious mask of Tibetan Buddhism with Explore China Tibet. We’ve carefully selected a few cultural tours for those who want to explore Buddhism deeply in China. Dzongsar Monastery is the original holy place for Buddhism. And it’s a wonderful place to slow yourself down during the journey.

Dzongsar- the nearest place of Buddha

Dzongsar Monastery is a Buddhist monastery in Dêgê County in the Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan, China. It’s in the southwest of the Derge town, while historically it lay in the Kham region of Tibet.Gaezr Tibetan Area Tour Derge Dzongsar Monastery

Founded in 746 AD by a Lama, Dzongsar Monastery had twenty three temples, large and small, and many important sacred rooms. However, in 1983 the temples and institutions of the monastery had gone through a rebuilt process but not in its full glory. Besides, it now only has six large and small temples. Currently, the main temples cover 48,200 square meters. There are more than 200 monks residing at Dzongsar.

Tibetan Tradition in Dzongsar Monastery

Notably, Dzongsar runs a school teaching Tibetan tradition. And it is famous for its openness to most of the teaching sects of Tibetan Buddhism. Moreover, the monastery is also known for its incense and sells it commercially as Dzongsar Tibetan Incense Powder and Dzongsar Tibetan Incense Sticks. Specifically, the incense are from precious, natural herbal materials from the highlands of Eastern Tibet. Thus, it has healing effects for mind and soul.

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