Ya'an Sichuan Trekking Travel Landscape Erlang Mountain
Landscape along Erlang Mountain Trekking Trip

Welcome to the home of panda – Sichuan province. Now we’ll introduce you to the Erlang Mountain in Yaan, Sichuan. As the first Natural Moat along the Sichuan-Tibet highway, Erlang mountain offers you a nice picture of the natural wildness in Sichuan Province. Come and check out the travel information listed below!

Natural Moat along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Erlang Mountain lies 50 kilometers to the west of Tianquan County of Sichuan Province, 3,437 meters above sea level. Along your journey towards Tibet, we highly recommend that you stop here and visit this natural wonder. For your information, the best travel time are spring and summer. In May, azaleas flourish in red, blue, purple and white color on the mountain, attracting many beautiful butterflies dancing around.
Moreover, there is a view-watching platform on the mountain, which is actually a cliff with a deep valley below. Besides, across the cliff there are ice peaks, the end of glaciers of ancient times.Ya'an Erlang Mountain Trekking Tour Landscape

Erlang Mountain Tunnel

With steep stairs, narrow roads, cloud sea, flourish flowers, you’ll immerse in the natural beauty of Erlang mountain. In addition, there’re more 100 temples as well as many pavilions. Here are the Eight Immortals Grotto, hidden holes, Jiao Ting and other famous scenic spots. For your information, Erlang mountain tunnel is the longest one in China. Also, it’s a border of Yaan city and Garze in Sichuan Province. This tunnel is said to be a mountain highway tunnel which is the longest and have deepest buried length, highest elevation, largest ground stress as well as very complex geological condition in China. Thus, if you’ll start your road trip towards Tibet, Erlang is a wonderful place to unwind!