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Garze Tibetan Area Tour Hailuogou Glacier ParkHave already enjoyed the modern city life in Chengdu? Want to go further in Western Sichuan? Then you won’t miss the Hailuogou scenic area! Along the Sichuan-Tibet journey, Hailuogou is a wonderful place to unwind. Come and look at its travel information down below!

Glacier National Park in Garze

In the southeast of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, Hailuogou is a glacier national park with many natural hot springs. By the face of Mount Gongga, Hailuogou enjoys the excellent position with 2800 meters above the sea level. Due to is high altitude, it has low temperature all year long and snow all around the park. Inside the park, there are hanging glaciers, hundreds of ice caves, primitive forests, giant icefalls, etc. Besides, among them the Great Icefall is 1000 meters’ long and 1100 meters’ wide. Those natural wildness will definitely feast your eyes!

Garze Tibetan Area Tour Hailuogou Glacier Forest ParkEnjoy the Natural Wonder of Hailuogou

Owing to its amazing terrain, there’re many natural hot springs. Thus, visitors can also enjoy the comfort and warmness of the hot spring. To maximize your travel experience here, we highly recommend that you go choose one spring resort.

To be more specific, you may wonder what is exactly to see in Hailuogou? Well, the top 3 attractions must be the snow-capped mountains in the heavy fog, primitive forest covering huge area, and the silver glaciers among the peaks. Booking with our local professional guide, start your hiking as soon as possible! As for the best traveling time, the best season is from October to the next February when weather is generally good. In this time, you’ll have a better chance to the peak of Moung Gongga and the Great Icefall.