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Garze Tibetan Area Tour Kham Huiyuan TempleWelcome to explore the oldest temple in Daocheng, Sichuan. We Explore China Tibet offer foreign travelers a wide range of highlight tours in Kham area. Huiyuan Temple is one attraction we highly recommended. Come and have a quick look at its travel guide down below.

Huiyuan Temple – A Must-See Attraction for Garze Travel

Huiyuan Temple is in Xiede Township, Daofu County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is one of the most famous and must-see attractions when for a Garze travel.

Dating back to Qing Dynasty, Huiyuan Temple was built in the year of 1792. Only 13 kilometers away from Bamei Stone Forest, Huiyuan Temple has close connection with Garze local attractions. Thus, we recommend that you combine those two or even more into one trip and explore this area more deeply. With an elevation of 3,5500 meters, Huiyuan Temple has gone through three-time construction. Currently, this temple has become more magnificent and gorgeous both in its scale and decoration. Basically, Huiyuan Temple is a temple with outstanding local features and is an artistic classic of the Kham area.

In particular, this temple has a main building like memorial archway, screen wall, gate, prayer hall, Buddhist College, monastic reception and so on. It has wide courtyard and elaborate layout. Also, this temple has collected many precious cultural relics and is one of the main sites for prayers to sutra chanting and worship in Sichuan area.

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