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Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Jiaju Tibetan Village
“Tibetan Fairyland” – Jiaju Tibetan Village in Kham

Along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, travelers will encounter various attractions and stunning views. Jiaju Tibetan Village is one of the highlighted spots. We Explore China Tibet are here to offer you great opportunities to engage in the discovery journey. Thus, you can explore Kham in-depth. Meanwhile, may you enjoy comfortable service from our considerate tour arrangements.

Jiaju Tibetan Village – Tibetan Fairyland in Kham 

Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Jiaju Tibetan VillageFamous as the “Tibetan Fairyland”, Jiaju Tibetan Village is a great destination for photography. It is one of the most beautiful ancient villages, voted by the Chinese National Geographic in 2005. Also, it officially became a national 4a-level tourist attraction in September 2016.

For visitors, it’s a place with a graceful idyllic life, hiding among the mountains. Around 13-hour drive from Chengdu, this village is famous for its beautiful natural landscape along the way. “Jiaqu” in Tibetan means one hundred families. The Tibetan village climbs upwards from the layers of the Daikin Valley and extends all the way to the foot of the Kapamare Peak. With crystal clear streams and snow-capped mountains, this village is a work of fine art by local Tibetan people.

Generally, it is a picture of unique Tibtan-style houses, terraced fields and groves. In the village, there are about 140 Tibetan-style houses. Besides, they are all distinctive with their crown-shaped roofs, red eaves and white walls. Thus, visitors can truly experience the local Tibetan life, culture, custom as well as its natural beauty.

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