Aba Highlight Tour to Kirti Monastery
Kham Tibet Highlight Tour to Kirti Monastery

Welcome to explore the Buddhist Temple in Ngawa, Sichuan. We Explore China Tibet offer foreign travelers a wide range of highlight tours in Kham area. Kirti Monastery is one attraction we highly recommended. Come and have a quick look at its travel guide down below.

Gelug Pa Monastery in Kham

Founded in 1870, Kirti Monastery is one Gelug Pa Monastery in Kham area, Sichuan. With a total area of 18,000 square meters, it accommodates 1,800 monks. Besides, there’s one attached monk school. It is the largest Tibetan Monastery in Ngawa. Moreover, there are many smaller monasteries affiliated with the Kirti Monasteries spread throughout the Kham area. Thus, visitors can deeply explore the Tibetan Buddhism as well as local culture. To maximize your travel experience, we suggest you book with our professional guide. In this case you may gain the most authentic trip from us!

The name of “Kirti” in Tibetan also pronounce “Ger-deng”, in Chinese Pin Yin, it is called “Ge-Er-Deng”. There’s a 30-meter high white chorten. Alos, it has chapels on various floors respectively dedicated to Shakyamuni Buddha, Mahakarunika, and the Three Deities of Longevity, Tsongkhapa and Sitatapatra.

Kirti Monastery Travel Tips:

Address & Contacts

  • Address : Near the 503 village road | 阿坝县,503乡道旁
  • Altitude: 3,300 meters above sea level
  • Opening hour: Full day
  • Entrance fee: Free of charge

How to get there

Kirti Monastery | 格尔登寺 is actually located in the center area of Aba county, which the No. 503 road passing through; you will first need to get to Aba county by either flight or bus

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