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Landscape Along Manigango Town in Derge Kham Region
Landscape Along Manigango Town in Derge Kham Region

Welcome to our Manigango town travel guide! Manigango town is between Garze and Dege. It is an important transportation hub for Sichuan-Tibet route. Even though the town is very small, the Dzogchen Gompa monastery there makes it mysterious. The monastery is one of the six great monasteries. And it inherits the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. In the past, Manigango was the vital pass of Ancient Tea Horse Road. It connected the trading of Yunnan, Qinghai, Sichuan and Tibet.

Tourists can see Tibetans on horses ,monks in in crimson and pilgrims on the way in Manigango.

How to Get To Manigango Town

Tourists can fly from Chengdu to Kangding. It only takes about 35 minutes. Then travelers need 7.5 hours to drive there.

Moreover, travelers can take the passing buses to the next destination. Unfortunately, bus station in the town is not available. Buying the tickets of the Kangding-Derge, Garze –Derge and Garze to Yushu routes to get to Manigango is also workable.

What to do in Manigango Town

  • 1. Visit Yihun Lhatso (Lake): The lake is 13 Km West of town. It is a clear and nice lake with surrounding snow-capped mountains.
  • 2. Do horse trekking

It is a nice ride Yihun Lhatso by horse.


There are two big hostels as well as few guest houses.

  • Yu Long Shen Hai hostel | 玉龙神海宾馆 Address: 317 National Rd
  • Pani Guesthouse | 帕尼招待所 Address:317 National Rd