Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Xinduqiao - the Heaven for Photographer
Xinduqiao in Kangding – an Amazing Natural Place

Welcome to experience Xinduqiao as one of the most attractive landscape in Kham region (East Tibet) with our knowledgeable Tibetan guide!

Why Xinduqiao got the name of  ”Photographer Paradise?

Xinduqiao is a small but very adorable Tibetan town. It has a very unique landscape and amazing scenery that attracts many photographers. Xinadugio town also has an amazing natural lights for photography. For that reason city got the second name ‘’Photographer’s Paradise’’.

Xinduqiao Tour Attraction features

Garze Kham Tibetan Area Tour Xinduqiao
Garze Kham Tibetan Xinduqiao – “Photographer’s Paradise”

Xinduqiao is a good place for hiking and it has unpredictable weather (different temperature at the night and during the day). They have many local souvenirs and very colorful local customs. The altitude of the town is 3.500 meters so it is warmly recommended to have warm clothing and good shoes.

Tibetan local houses in this town have made by stone material and have large courtyard. They have specific house patterns such as sun, moon and triangles that representing a big family and a fortunate year. The local food consist very spicy Sichuan food and famous typical Tibet dishes. Tibetan dish is called ‘’Tsamba’’ and consist balls made by butter, tea and other ingredients.

Want to travel to Xinduqiao?

Xindugiao city is locate in the west of Kangding County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. The town is around 437 kilometers away from Chengdu city. When you go to the  Xianduqiao you will also pass the National Highway 318 (highways runs from Shanghai all to the Zhangmu and it is the longest highway in China, since September 2017, the new border Kyirong was open and Zhangmu border is not accessible due to the earthquake in 2015 ).

It is recommended to hire local taxis because they are very experienced drivers. Road and public transportation are not in very good condition. You will recognize the taxis on the other side of walking street when you arrived to Kangding County. If you take a taxi it will cost you around 100 RMB (CNY) and it takes around 3 hours from Kangding to Xianduqiao.

Welcome to explore Kangding, Tibetan Kham city in Sichuan!

If you plan to visit  Kangding you are welcome to explore with us! During this tour, you’ll definitely get 100% authentic Tibet travel with our professional Tibetan guide! So feel free to consult our Tibet travel agency by email to!