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Expect to explore the western landscape in Sichuan province? Welcome to book our Tibetan Kham Xinlong County Tours. We have picked up a wide range of high-quality tours for travelers to explore Xinlong county. And we present you with the detailed Xinlong County Travel Guide, check it out!

Kham Tour Guide - Tibetan Kham Xinlong County Travel Guide
Tibetan Kham Xinlong County Local Travel Experience

Xinlong County Travel Guide

Xinlong County guides aims to offer customers the latest travel information, allowing you to better understand the tourism profile in Xinlong county. At the same time, we can give advice for your customized service on how to arrange Xinglong County trip with a list of tour products.

Under the administration of the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Xinlong County is a county of northwestern part of Sichuan. The altitude of this county varies from 2800 to 6000 meters, which results in the various terrain and temperature in Xinlong. Xinlong County is also “Nyarong” in Tibetan. It is the area of Upper Nyarong, in contrast to Lower Nyarong. The Yalong river flows through both Upper and lower Nyarong region towards its confluence with Yangtze River. Thus, travelers will find many natural beauties here and soak up in the Tibetan atmosphere.

Towns and Townshıps

Rulong Town (茹龙镇) Shadui Township (沙堆乡) Le’an Township (乐安乡) Dagai Township (大盖乡) Ronglu Township (绕鲁乡) Sewei Township (色威乡) Jialaxi Township (甲拉西乡) Lari Township (拉日马乡) Bomei Township (博美乡) Longlaxi Township (尤拉西乡) Zituoxi Township (子拖西乡) Heping Township (和平乡) Luogu Township (洛古乡) Xionglongxi Township (雄龙西乡) Mari Township (麻日乡) Tongxiao Township (通霄乡) Youyi Township (友谊乡) Pica Township (皮擦乡) Yanduo Township (银多乡)


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