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Welcome to explore pure and mythic Xinluhai Lake in Dege County with our qualified tour guide.

Gaezr Tibetan Area Tour Derge Xinluhai Lake Trekking TravelMyth of the Xinluhai Lake

Xinluhai Lake is a specific lake and one of the largest glacial moraine-dammed lake in China. Lake has Tibetan name Yu Long La-Tso which means ‘’Yu’’ lost, ‘’Long’’ heart and La-Tso holy lake. Xinluhai Lake has fascinating legend about Tibetan Epic King Gesar wife. She was truly adored by the lake. As she did not want to leave the lake she decided to drowned in the lake. Since then lake got the name ‘’loosen heart in holy water’’.

Lake attractions

Xinluhai Lake is located on the 4,040 meters height and measure depth of 10 meters to 15 meters. Lake is located in Dege County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It has many specific Marnyi Stones. Tibetan Buddhist curved notes on this specific stones. To this purpose they showed their respects to the local religious beliefs. Lake has many specific stones surroundings because they are enormous height size.

You will see different flora and fauna around the lake such as coniferous forests include fir, cypress trees, spruce, and rhododendron trees and large grassland. In clear and good weather you will definitely have great view of the snow-peaked mountains, crystal glaciers, crystal clean water, animals, fish and lots of more. Xinluhai is the lake of melted glaciers, ice and snow. The environment of the lake is Eco-friendly which has mostly 180 species.

There is Chola Shan Mountain in Xinluhai Lake are that has the highest peak and huge glacier and it is 6,018 meters high and covered by snow.  Xinluhai Lake is a pure destination for many tourists and photographers

The lake attractions definitely won’t’ leave you disappointed and you will definitely had an enjoyable and memorable time. Should you have any questions, please email us!