Garze Tibetan Area Tour Kham Yala Snow MountainStart your adventurous journey toward Tibet with us Explore China Tibet! Yala Snow Mountain is a special tourist attraction along the Sichuan-Tibet tour. We highly recommend you to visit this most sacred mountain.

Important facts about Yala Snow Mountain

The mountain is 5,820 meters above the sea and highest snow capped mountain in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Furthermore it is the ancient and majestic snow covered mountain. The second name for the mountain is ‘’Shambhala’’ (in English means Mythical Kingdom). Besides if you visit Tagong Grassland you will have the view of lotus-shaped of Yala Snow Mountain. But if you have a view from Bamei Town there will be crown shape of mountain and from the Nongge Mountain you will see Buddha shape of mountain.

Garze Tibetan Area Tour Kham Yala Snow Mountain Exploration
Riding Horses to Explore Yala Snow Mountain

In addition to this Yala Snow Mountain as a the highest peak snow-covered in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Whole year mountain is covered by snow and have a very cloudy weather. Moreover it has an amazing 60 meters high waterfall. It also has attractive Youtso Lake that is 1 km squared. Moreover the  lake is very colorfully and surrounded by many stones.

The envionment has many wild animals such as Leopards especially Snow Leopards, Tibetan Antelope, Black Bear, White-Lipped Deer and many more. Therefore you can see unique plants like fir, redwood, birch and spruce and azaleas bloom on May. Additionally the environment are very special for medicinal plants as it has many medicinal herbs like Snow Lotus Herb and Cordyceps.

Another very attractive destination and very closed to mountain is Kangding Scenic Area.  Therefore our authentic Kangding Tour will give you best journey to explore this natural wonder.

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