Ganzi Tibetan Area Tour Yalong RiverAlong the Sichuan-Tibet journey you will find many natural wonders and unique landscape. Yalong River is a one of those famous tourist attraction. We highly recommend to explore this natural wonder.

Interesting facts about Yalong River

Yalong River is known as longest river in Sichuan Province in southwestern part of China. It is 1,637 km long and also largest tributary to the famous Yangtze River. The river canyon is very attractive by Tibetan pilgrims. Besides it is highly hydroelectric developed and has 23 dams. It is one of the delicate environment and cultural heritage for the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau area.

The river pass almost 29 counties and cities like Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan provinces. Besides it is multi-ethnic area that pass among Tibetan, Han and Yi ethnic groups. According to the unpredictable weather of the area we highly recommend you to have an extra clothes.

You will admire the scenery view of the river. Besides there are plenty of cultural festivals. One of those festival is Tibetan horse racing festival. Likewise it is also worth to see fabulous sacred Lama Temple Lotus Lantern Festival in early August.

In addition to this Yalong River will give you the overlook of the local ethnic customs. Including to this you will have chance to explore deeply the cultural heritage. The river itself is wonderful to visit at any time of the year. Overall is getting more and more attractive for tourists. Yalong History Museum in Zetang County is another famous highlight attraction nearby Yalong river.

We hope you will have pleasant time at the Yalong River. If you’re looking for travel products in Sichuan, Tibet or other cities in China our agency Explore China Tibet are always pleased to help you out! If you have any concern or question feel free to consult us!