Garze Tibetan Area Tour Yanzigou Valley (Swallow-Gully)
Discover Beautiful Scenery in Yanzigou Valley with Experienced Local Guide

Welcome to enjoy the natural landscape in Yanzigou Valley in Garze (Ganzi) Tibetan region with our experienced local tour guide.

Interesting facts about Yanzigou Valley

It is located in the Western part of Sichuan Province. In Yanzigou valley is located 15 mountains with more than 6000 meters high. It has the lowest attitude 2,100 meters and the highest attitude is 7,556 meters that is highest mountain in Sichuan Province is Mount Gongga. There are many unspoiled nature forest especially rhododendron flowers, glaciers, mountains and many more.

Yanzihou Valley is less tourist place than Hailugou Glacier Park. The most attractive and tourist site is 30km red rock slide. Red rock slide is 3,100 meters high and very sacred place for local people. Valley consist more than 400 different sort of wild animals which is very specific for this area. In this place you can see many high mountains also glacier parks.

On 1980’s the Valley was very popular for mountain climbers who were climbing to Mount Gongga. It is also well-known as very suitable region for doing extreme sports in China.

Garze Kham Tibetan Area Trekking Tour Yanzigou Valley (Swallow-Gully)We recommend you to visit and climb in Yanzigou Valley during the fall every year from September to November. If you visit on May you will see many beautiful and bold rhododendron flowers.

Directions to Yanzigou Valley

Valley is 280km west of Chengdu and 10 km north to Hailuogou Park. There are two options going to from Chengdu to Yanzigou Valley. First option is take a bus from bus station Xinnanmen to Hailuogou at 9:30 am and will arrive at 4:00 pm. The next day you can take a bus at 7:30 am at Hailuogou to Chengdu and whole journey will cost you around 120RMB. Second option is take flight from Chengdu to Kangding airport and from airport you need transfer to Yanzigou (which is around 3 hours away). Only one flight around 10:00 in the morning goes from Chengdu and whole journey is around 1 and 10 minutes.

The entrance fee is around 100 RMB (from April to November) and 90 RMB (from December to March). There is also extra fee around 70 RMB for the tourist bus. It is recommendable to have half day to visit this place.

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