Garze Tibetan Area Tour Kham Daofu Yuke Grassland
Garze Tibetan Area Travel to Paradise Land Yuke Grassland

Would you like to explore unique landscape Yuke Grassland  in the Garze (Ganzi) Tibetan region with our experienced local guide.

Yuke Grassland is in north of Daofu County, Garze Tibetan Autunomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. It has most beautiful scenery landscape, clear blue sky, many snow-covered forest, ice lakes and large grasslands. It is a known as a paradise land and a ‘’Altay of Kham’’ in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Although is not popular as Ruoergai Grassland and Tagong Grassland but it is very attractive grassland. It has unique and admired ancient well-preserved statues. You can also see natural wonders as a hot springs and fabulous 5-color lakes.

When is best time to visit Yuke GrasslandGarze Tibetan Area Tour Kham Daofu Yuke Grassland

It is recommendable to visit during the season period especially on August when there are moderate temperatures. Daily temperature could reach not more than 32 degrees. The lowest temperature in the night is around 8-10 degrees. It is recommendable to take warm clothes to keep you warm during the night.

How to go to Yuke Grassland

There is accessible bus going to Daofu County most of the time from Xiannanmen Bus station and the journey takes 16 hours and it will cost you around 167 RMB. Once you get off at Daofu County you will need to take either taxi or rent a van or a car that will takes you directly to the grassland and it will cost you around 300 RMB or more. When you are traveling from Daofu to Yuke Grassland you will pass the Maitreya Mouintain. There is no public transport going from Daofu to Yuke Grassland.

If you have any further information about this pure Grassland or would like to plan a trip in Garze (Ganzi) Tibetan region please do not hesitate to consult us!