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30 small details of interpersonal communication-The sooner you understand, the better

01 Don’t show off and show off your achievements, but don’t be too low-key and hide your strength. Not everyone can see you from the outside, learn to let yourself shine at the right time, and only then will there be good people who are happy to approach you.

02 Don’t habitually persuade others to be generous, persuade others to be kind, and persuade others to take a step back. If you do n’t happen to yourself, you wo n’t know how much it hurts. Sometimes, keeping silent is the best respect.

03 When meeting head-to-head with someone you are not familiar with, don’t dodge, smile naturally, nod, say hello and talk a few words if you have time, and you may get unexpected information.

04 Don’t be blunt, no matter how good the other party is to you and how friendly you are. When you interact with people, you need to stay a little mysterious even if you are acquainted.

05 If you feel comfortable chatting with someone, either his emotional intelligence is higher than yours, he can perceive and satisfy your emotions, or his knowledge is wider than you, and any topic can be accepted.

06 Don’t force yourself into a circle that doesn’t suit you. It ’s better to have time to read more than one person. It’s better than being laughed at.

07 You can lose your temper, but don’t lose your temper. People who always lose their temper will make people around them mistakenly think that they have no temper and can bully.

08 You must learn to calm down your emotions at work, and you must wait until no one is crying again when you are wronged. The only people in the workplace who are sought after are those with real strength.

09 A popular person has nothing but these abilities: virtuous, useful, interesting, and accommodating.

10 After you have a partner, don’t get too close to your opposite-sex friends. Even if you used to have a good relationship, you should not break the boundaries.

11 You can complain occasionally, but don’t complain often. No one likes to spend time with a person with negative energy and learn to digest their emotions instead of waiting for comfort from friends.

12 If you want to make someone, try to find him a favor. But at the same time, we must know how to give back in time.

13 The relationship is not good, the lower the whisper, the better, the less respect.

14 If you do n’t feel normal when interacting with someone, trust the first instinct.

15 Don’t promise anything you can’t do, it’s better to say “I try” than an affirmative answer.

16 When communicating with people, you must keep your mouth in check, not speak bad things about acquaintances behind you, or expose the privacy of acquaintances after a relationship breaks down.

17 In interpersonal communication, it is not the language, but the physical movement that really has an impact.

18 Learn to be a serious listener, don’t grab words, talk too much, or talk nonsense.

19 Lower your posture when helping others. Compared with your help, others care more about your attitude when helping others.

20 Have time to thank the unfamiliar people for being kind to you. It is better to thank the family who loves you unconditionally and helps you.

21 twenty one: To understand a person, look at three points: ① to see where he spent his energy; ② to see where he spent his time; ③ to see where he spent his money.

22 Don’t talk if you don’t know what to say. Learn to speak for three years and shut up for life.

23 It’s not just saying “no” is refusal. In the adult world, it ’s already refusal without readily agreeing.

24 People often don’t remember what you said when they first met, but they remember the first feeling you gave them.

25 Men who pay attention to details will be more easily appreciated by women. Such as closing the door, not calling in the elevator, helping the lady open the door, etc.

26 Don’t help if you can’t help, even if the relationship is good, everything should be done within your abilities, but the kindness of the effort can do it.

27 Others can laugh at themselves and black themselves, but you must not agree with each other and laugh at his shortcomings face to face.

28 Be smart and self-motivated, other talents are willing to help you; you are a “sludge” that can’t help the wall, no one can’t help stepping on you.

29 Pay attention to your own image at any time, but never judge people by appearance.

30 Don’t give too much hope to what you can’t do. Three minutes to speak, one less empty joy. Learn more from China Travel Guide.

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