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01 Tibet All Around

1The window of Tibet was open officially to the outside world since the 1980s when the tourism began. Since then, Tibet became more and more popular tour destination in the world and it was in the Top 50 most famous travel destinations in the world in the past years. Its rich religious cultures, the stunning landscape as well as the kind Tibetan people are just awesome! The people here are devout, keeping to their faith and tradition. It is a very unique tour destination due to the quite different culture, life style, landscape, weather and geography.

Holy path to Kailash-Yatra Pilgrimage with Visit Tibet

Ngari is the westmost area of Tibet. It neighbors Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the north and Shigatse and Nagchu in the east. It shares a total border of 1116 km with India, Nepal and Kashmir area. And the holiest center in the whole Asia - The Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar is in this region.

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Nyingchi (also spelt “Nyingtri” or “Linzhi”), means “throne of the sun” in Tibetan. A prefecture in southeast Tibet Autonomous Region, it borders India, Myanmar, as well as Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of China. Nyingchi is easily accessible by air and car. It is 400 kilometers east of Lhasa.

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In Chamdo, there are many tourist attractions is including the snow-capped mountains, fast running rivers, thunderous waterfalls and dense forests. Laigu Glacier is a hot attraction to admire the grandeur of Chamdo. Because of the different geological condition, glacier lakes will appear the different color.

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